Peter Young: Housing, Industry, & Treatment

" A Christmas Carol "

Father Peter G. Young Housing, Industries & Treatment

134 Franklin St, Albany, NY 12202

(518) 463-8109 / Fax (518) 463-8684

WHAT: " A Christmas Carol"

WHERE: Lyceum Theatre, 149 W 45th Street, NYC

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec. 4th

COST: $199.00 Bus,Ticket,Orchestra and Donation

Please call Margie Reilly at 518-463-8109 if you have any questions

MORE INFO: Please click the link below

ABOUT PYHIT: In 1959, Father Peter G. Young founded Peter Young Housing, Industries & Treatment In the years that have followed, he has helped thousands of people who were victims of their addictions. The Peter G. Young Foundation offers programs of recovery to anyone who wants a second chance at building a new life. At present the organization is taking care of 12,000 clients statewide. Father Young has achieved these results by means of his "glidepath" philosophy which has three components: treatment, housing, and employment. When joined together, these wounded men and women are given a chance to become healthy, productive, tax-paying citizens with a bright future.


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