Peter Young: Housing, Industry, & Treatment

Our Guiding Beliefs

  • Recovery from addiction requires a support system – represented by the three-legged stool – that includes Treatment, Housing, and Employment/Education, all working seamlessly together.
  • Individuals with a chemical dependency shall be given every opportunity and encouragement we can provide to break loose from the cycle of addiction.
  • People who have recovered can serve as role models and counselors for those who aspire to conquer their addictions. For those who dedicate themselves as helpmates, Father Young coined the name “wounded healer.” Some 70 percent of Peter Young staff is in that category.
  • Rehabilitation works more effectively than incarceration with most of those whose chemical dependency led to criminal acts.
  • Those exiting prison need a “glidepath to recovery,” a guided course like that provided to a landing airplane, which includes a safe place to live, a meaningful job, professional treatment and transitional services provided by caring people to maximize the opportunity for successful reintegration into society.
  • Homeless veterans shall be provided with special facilities that include services and supports for readjustments to a life restored with dignity.
  • Relevant vocational training, complemented by job placement services, is provided to clients in need of skills or further training to obtain meaningful employment.
  • We try to offer assistance to anyone who comes to our doors for help, aware that many times the person has a complex, co-occurring mental problem and has been cast aside due to lack of services elsewhere.